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Physical Education

Physical Education, Health, Fitness, and Physical Development

Chad Horn      

Liz Eudy        

Daniel Smith 

Wes Herlocker
WSHS Physical Education DEPARTMENT

WSHS Wellness Survey for Students and Staff

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Parent & Student Syllabus Acknowledgement Form

Spring 2018
PE's Present Sports Unit: Fitness Testing
Upcoming Sports units: ASAP's

Upcoming events:
    Physical Education
    8/28- 9/1Rules, Procedures, ASAP's
    9/5-9/8Fitness Testing #1, ASAP's
    9/11-9/15Ultimate Frisbee* start exercise log
    9/18 - 9/22Ultimate Frisbee
    9/25 -9/29Spikeball
    10/2 - 10/6Gaga Ball
    10/9- 10/13Tennis
    10/16 - 10/20Frisbee Golf
    10/23 - 10/27 End of Q1Fitness Testing #2, 9 square, ASAP's
    11/6- 11/9Handball
    11/13 - 11/17Volleyball
    11/20 - 11/21Volleyball
    11/27- 12/19 square
    12/4 - 12/8Badminton
    12/11 - 12/15Badminton
    12/18 - 12/19Fitness Testing # 3, Final Exam
    1/2-1/5Leisure Games
    1/8 - 1/12Exam Week
    1/16 - 1/19 (Semester 1)Make ups

    Normal Weekly Schedule (Health & PE):
    M- Sport Unit
    T- Health
    W- Weight Room
    Th- Fitness
    F- Sport Unit
     Physical Education Syllabus
    Fitness for Life Syllabus
    Advanced Physical Education Syllabus
    Physical Development Syllabus
    Physical Development Pacing Guide

    Classes Offered within the Physical Education Department
    Health & 
    Physical Education
    Fitness for Life (Physical Fitness II)
    Physical Development (Physical Fitness 1)
    Advanced Physical Education 
    Sports Medicine

    Post Test Fitness Form

    Pre test Fitness Form

    Mid Semester Fitness Form

    WSHS Physical Education Parent Note

    Serving Sizes and Food Labels Guide

    Weekly Health Journal