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Physical Education

Physical Education, Health, Fitness, and Weight Training

Chad Horn      

Liz Eudy        

Eric Morman

WSHS Physical Education DEPARTMENT

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Spring 2017
PE's Present Sports Unit: Syllabus
Upcoming Sports units: ASAP's & Tennis

Week Chad & Liz Fitness Thursday
1/25-1/27 Rules, Procedures, ASAP's ASAP's
1/30-2/3 Fitness Testing #1, ASAP's Testing
2/6-2/10 Volleyball start exercise log Relays
2/13-2/17 PE Olympics Olympics 
2/20-2/24 Volleyball Olympics
2/27-3/3 Badminton Kickboxing
3/6-3/11 Badminton Cardio on Track (walk/jog)
3/13-3/17 Gator Ball and Skill Breakdown Yoga
3/20-3/24 Leisure Games, Fitness Testing #2,  ASAP's, PE midterm Testing
3/27-3/31 ASAP's ASAP's
4/3-4/7 Tennis Fitness Stations
4/10-4/24 Tennis start exercise log Martial Arts
4/24-4/28 Soccer, Hockey, Mat Ball, Gator Ball Yoga
5/1-5/5 Ultimate Frisbee Cardio on Track (walk/jog)
5/8-5/12 Ultimate Frisbee Fitness Stations
5/15-5/19 Frisbee Golf, Double Duttch open
5/22-5/26 Dance Testing 
5/30-6/2 Fitness Testng # 3, Final Exam lesiure games
6/5-6/9 Exam Week

Upcoming events:
    Fitnessgram Testing #1 

    Physical Education/Health
    Fitness for Life (Physical Fitness II)
    Weight Training (Physical Fitness 1)

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      WSHS Physical Education Parent Note

      Serving Sizes and Food Labels Guide

      Weekly Health Journal